Art Wyatt Services Inc. has been in the restaurant repair business for over 15yrs. We are family owned. I was working one day for Denny's  yrs ago. They had a Board of Health inspection and needed an ice scoop holder. I went to my friend who made up my special stainless steel items and had him make one up. I put one in the Denny's  and a few weeks later, their Vp's were touring stores and like my scoop holder. I soon had them in most of the restuarants on the east coast. Then I showed them to my other customers, the rest followed thru!

Some of my customers since then have been Pizza Hut, Arby's, Steak out, Pilot Trucks Stops just to name a few. I  have them on ships for the Navy. They are even in some of the nations largest prisons!

There are other types on the market, but ours are 100% made in the USA and will stay that way!

If you have any questions, feel free to call me toll free !
Art Wyatt Servies Inc.
1545 Telegraph Rd.
Honey Brook, PA. 19344
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