Ice scoop holder installation tips
There are many ways to mount our scoop holders. Here are just a few of the easiest ways!
Small Holder...Soda towers. The best way is to just use the screw that is used for holding the top cover on the tower.On some newer styles of dispensers, there is not a cover at all. I prefer to use a small, short, self drilling screw that will drill thru the plastic but only go in just a little so as not to drill thru any wires or soda lines that are in side of the tower or self stick tape described below.. 

Small, medium, and large holders.... The simplest way is to just screw the holder right to the front of the ice bin,  counter top, side wall or side of machine. Make sure to locate in a  safe place, so no one will catch their clothes, scrape their hand or bang their head into it. Yes, I had one customer mount the large holder right near an outside wall corner at 5 1/2 ft high. Yes, a server banged her head right into the holder!

The simplest way with out drilling any holdes is use 3m self stick foam tape. There is the new outdoor/heavy duty type with a red backing. This style works the best. Clean the holder and the surface you are mounting to with some type of solvent( rubbing alcohol, laquer thinner, nail polish remover, etc) to remove any dirt or grease. I have holders that been mounted over 7 yrs with this method! For extra strength, put a dap of food grade silicone on the back. If you need screws or the double face tape, please email your order, as I have not put those items on ths site yet.

If you have any questions, just call !

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