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Sanitary Ice Scoop Holder
 is only available from 
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Some of the different ways our  scoop holder can be used are ice machines, ice bin, mounted to ice chest,flour scoop, feed scoop holder, kitty litter scoop holder, candy scoop, popcorn scoop. The list is endless.

Our scoop holder can be mounted almost anywhere. On the side of ice machines, ice bins, or  soda towers, to keep ice scoop clean and ice sanitary. Shown here is just one way of using our exclusive product.

They can be mounted to just about any surface by using  3m self stick tabs or just use the screw on the soda station or to the front of your bin. See mounting tips below.

The small ice scoop holder (above) will hold most small to medium size ice scoops for 12oz including "The Drain Scoop" and slotted scoops. 
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Small scoop holder shown, perfect for soda stations, bar areas,  etc.

Small holders with slotted and Cal Mil 1030-6. Medium scoop holder is shown with a 38oz scoop and has the patented design with a bottom.  The large scoop holder with a 86oz scoop which also has a bottom so that larger scoops can't fall out. 
Perfect for ice machine bins. Let us know which brand ice scoop you have,  Rubbermaid, Cambro, etc. and size of scoop stamped on handle and we can match up the right size ice scoop holder.
All holders are 100%  stainless steel and fabricated in  the 
United States !


You can order by online shopping cart, calling us direct, or email your order.   We will also accept purchase orders or will set up an account for your company. 
Why use blue plastic or cheap wire type, when you can have 100% stainless steel, at a lower price and made in the 
that will last forever !
We haven't  had any returns in 10 yrs!
Why should you purchase our ice scoop holder ,check out the Board of Health violations with other types!
 Bar Style Scoop Holder $9.95
  Uses only the scoop shown

Small Scoop Holder $9.95
3" wide

Medium Scoop Holder $16.95
5" wide

Check your size on the handle, call or email if you are not sure. Here are just a few of the most popular scoops our holders fit.

Wendy's/Bar style... Only for the scoop  shown in top picture

Small. 3" wide. SanJamar 6oz, slotted type scoop, 10oz "The Drain scoop" or Dri-scoop, blue or black 8oz, Cambro,12oz, Rubbermaid...2882, Continental...4306, small stainless steel...6oz,  import metal 6-12oz

Medium. 5" wide. Cambro...24oz,  Rubbermaid  2884, metal import (size is stamped on handle)  24oz, 38oz, 58oz.,12 oz Dri-scop, blue or black slotted type

Large 6 3/4" wide.   Rubbbermaid  2885, 288, 2887,  Cambro...spc64cw,  Volrath86oz, Continental 9886. Metal import 64oz and larger. Large plastic  scoops, and 99% of all large metal scoops.

If you are a  supplier,
 call for discount. 
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Mounting  instructions and tips
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Now Available Bar and Wendy's style !
If you've seen the ones at Wendy's  counter,
 this is it.  Easily removed to clean area.
Shown with the right scoop for the holder. 
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Discontinued-Large Scoop
 Holder . Taking large quanity orders only. Email for details.
Most orders will ship USPS Priority mail.. Orders to a PO box will be sent Priority Mail. If applicable,shipping overcharge by PayPal will be refunded. 
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Made in America !
 Our holders and the steel  are made 100% in the USA
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