Here are our ice scoop holders with some of the various ice scoops.
Small ice scoop holder shown with 6oz stainless steel, aluminum 10oz, Rubbbermaid 2882, Cambro 12oz, Continental 4306.
3 1/8"wide
Medium ice scoop holder with Import 58oz, 38oz, 24oz. Cambro 24oz, Rubbermaid 2884.
5" wide
Large ice scoop holder... Cambro spc64cw, Rubbermaid 2885, 2886, 2887. Continental 9884. Volrath 6895.
7'' wide
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Our scoop holder can be mounted almost anywhere. On the side of ice machines, ice bins, or  soda towers, to keep ice scoop clean and ice sanitary. Shown here is just one way of using our exclusive product.